Set Free Your Gratitude Expression With Unlined Pages!

Set Free Your Gratitude Expression With Unlined Pages!

I wouldn’t consider myself artistic or creative but I am obsessed with writing on unlined pages. I know we’ve been taught to write on lined pages since we started writing so most of us are still jotting down our thoughts with lined pages. But have you noticed that our thoughts are very much non-linear, we can go from one thought bubble to another thought bubble consisting of words and pictures that don’t necessary go from left to right.

Unlined pages give you the most freedom in expressing your thoughts, for example:

  1. Unlined pages invite you to use them however you like—It gives you more flexibility to not only write but also draw or doodle. Drawings just look better without lines on your pages.
  2. You can start anywhere on the page, great for mind-mapping your thoughts.
  3. You can embrace your messy writing without limiting your writing to between lines on your pages, giving you the freedom to write as messy, as small or large as you like.

For these reasons I am a huge advocate for unlined pages and I founded Freetobeing based on the freedom of unlined pages. Our range of unlined Gratitude journals are perfect for non-linear thinkers and any adult or child who prefers to write, draw or doodle.

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Happy journaling!



Founder, Freetobeing


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