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Gratitude & Manifestation Journal | 2 Linen Cover Journals

Gratitude & Manifestation Journal | 2 Linen Cover Journals

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Use the two journals daily to tune into all the love, joy and abundance in your life today and to manifest the life you want for tomorrow.

1. Gratitude: Focus on the areas in your life that you are grateful for today. Gratitude journaling has been scientifically shown to up happiness, improve feelings of wellbeing and decrease anxiety.

2. Manifestation: Focus on your dreams, goals and ambition in the space of gratitude as if you’ve already attained it by writing in the present tense. Manifestation will help you direct your thoughts so your mind can start to look for and see opportunities which can help you achieve what you want.

Freetobeing Gratitude Art Journals are designed with symbolism in mind, it features:

  • Beautiful linen cover with gold embossed 'Gratitude' on the front and spine. The arch shaped 'Gratitude' at the front represents the transformative nature of a daily gratitude practice 
  • Three gratitude symbols printed on each page to prompt you to think of three moments that you're grateful for
  • 196 unlined pages giving you the space to express your gratitude by writing or drawing
  • 120gsm thick paper so you are free to use a range of pens to express yourself
  • FSC 100% recycled paper because we know you are grateful for the environment and so are we!
  • A5 size hardcover with flat lay binding to protect all the wonderful moments you've captured in this book


Linen hard cover

FSC 100% recycled paper


All orders are usually dispatched within 2-4 business days.


A5 Size - 15cm (W) by 22.7cm (L) by 2.3cm (D)

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